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Premier Building Solutions Installs Solar Panels to Go Green and Reduce Costs

In addition to environmental stewardship, installing solar panels can also benefit business owners in the form of cost savings from reduced consumption and local and federal tax credits.

Premier Building Solutions has partnered with Midwest Solar Power and Krantz Electric to go GREEN. By December 31 we will be using solar power on our 4000+ sq foot office building.

Based on our last year’s averages, we are expecting to recoup our initial investment in 6 years. Our hope is to produce enough electricity to cover around 90% of our yearly usage.

Midwest Solar Power completed all of the paperwork on behalf of Premier Building Solutions for the Focus on Energy Grant and will be able to utilize a 30% Federal Tax Credit with our 2018 taxes.

Due to our unique situation, we have a single round mount system that will be electronically split into 3 inverters, each serving a separate meter.

REC TwinPeak solar panels were installed. They feature an innovative design with the higher panel efficiency of polycrystalline cells, enabling Premier Building Solutions to get the most out of the installation space. Each panel is 345 watts and each area will be served by 12 panels (4. 14kW) for a total of 12,420 watts.

Each area will have its own Solaredge HD wave inverter that will convert the DC power from the PV panels to 240volt AC power that can be sent onto the grid/used in house. These inverters are specifically designed to work with power optimizers.

We chose the Unirac GFT racking system. These are manufactured in the US and Canada, but the design and testing of these products is done in Albuquerque NM.

We are excited to use solar to save our resources and become more energy efficient!

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