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We had a dream to pursue our passion for building and took it to the next level by starting our own business in 2005. We would love the opportunity to help make your building dreams a reality, too.  Contact us today!

Premier Values


Building trusting and lasting relationships is our number one priority. With our customers we focus on personalized service and frequent communication. We believe in honesty and transparency before, during and after all projects. Because of this, our clients come back to us for repeat business and refer us to their family and friends.


We are committed to delivering cost-effective projects in a timely manner. We are staffed and organized to be able to accommodate demanding schedules. We have built long-term partnerships with our subcontractors and suppliers that has become a critical component of our  success. By treating our vendors fairly and meeting our financial commitments with favorable payment terms, we are able to attract and retain quality vendors.   


We believe that a company is only as good as its employees. We strive to be the best and have built an ambitious, highly exceptional team over the years that take pride in quality workmanship.



Being able to adapt is one of our strong suits. We do many different types of projects and are skilled at developing solutions before they become a problem. Find out more about the services we offer.


Cleanliness is paramount. We take initiative in maintaining a clean job site to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.  

Meet Our Leadership Team

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James Leuzinger

With 30+ years in construction, James continues to help build a growing general contracting firm known for its commitment to quality and professionalism. James’ passion for building began at a young age when he started in the construction industry the day after high school graduation as a carpenter. After completing a 4 year Apprenticeship Program with a focus on management he worked as a superintendent for over 10 years. Leadership is natural to James and his ability to communicate ideas with clients & subcontractors results in successful projects and repeat customers.


Scott Zahler
Vice President/Owner

In his four decade career, Scott worked 18 of them in site excavation, layout and utilities. Along with James, he has helped build this growing company with his knowledge and expertise.  When working with a client, Scott has the ability to help visualize the project which can be one of the challenges that occur in the field. Whether working on a large or small project, he is dedicated to making sure our employees and subcontractors are committed to the needs and objectives of our clients.

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Tina Redington
Project Manager

Tina is proficient at pre-construction planning, problem-solving and in-progress coordination of projects. With 20+ combined years in retail and construction, Tina has a wealth of knowledge in the life cycle of a construction project as she has worked on both sides of the industry for the owner and the contractor.

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Jesse Kietzke
Project Manager

Jesse graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Platteville with a double emphasis in Construction Management and Construction Safety Management and minored in Business Administration. Jesse is excited to work with both residential and commercial clients to achieve their visions

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