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Premier Building Solutions Breaks Ground on Second Tenant Facility.

Left to Right: Kyle Lafond, Jay Goninen, James Leuzinger, Dennis Jelle, Scott Zahler

Mount Horeb, WI – Premier Building Solutions, Inc. (PBS), a general contracting company situated in the township of Blue Mounds, WI, has announced it is constructing a building on its property to accommodate a growing start-up. This is the second facility PBS has added to accommodate the needs of three businesses seeking commercial space within the community.

The new tenant, Find A Wrench, is a start-up that connects mechanics and technicians with job opportunities in the automotive industry. As a result of recent growth, the company had initially considered relocating to Madison but knew that a high-profile downtown office space wasn’t the right fit for connecting with his mostly blue-collar clientele. Originally from Mineral Point, owner Jay Goninen says, “In focusing on our core values, I realized my target audience would be more comfortable in a rural setting, so we began looking for space along the 151 corridor.”

When PBS owners James Leuzinger and Scott Zahler learned that Find A Wrench was looking for office space they knew they were in a position to help. According to Zahler the decision to add another building to its 4.6-acre property supported the company’s mission to help other small businesses, especially those that are working to help address talent shortages inherent within the skilled trades industry. Zahler states, “We knew helping Find A Wrench was essential to our community’s economic stability but also supports an industry struggling to attract people to fill good paying jobs. It’s a challenge we face every day in our business, and we commend the work that Jay and his team are doing.”

The business owners first met as result of their work to launch Community Alliance for Skilled Trades (CAST), a non-profit based in Mount Horeb. Now entering its second year, the organization is dedicated to building awareness and support within the community for anyone who may be seeking careers not dependent upon a four-year college degree and which often provide apprenticeship or on-the-job training opportunities. Goninen said “From our work together on CAST, I knew the PBS location was an ideal match on numerous levels. From the ability to customize a space designed to meet our needs to a dedication to connecting hard-working people with lucrative jobs, it’s a win for the skilled trades industry collectively.”

Find A Wrench will join American Provenance and Water Quality Investigations who also remained in the area when PBS constructed a building specific to their requirements in July of 2018. As a result of recent growth American Provence will be relocating its operations to the new facility. Find A Wrench currently employs six full-time, two part-time and nine contract employees who perform sourcing and recruitment services. Combined, the tenants employ 31 individuals, many whom are local or have moved to the community to be closer to work. PBS has 20 employees from in and around the area.

About Premier Building Solutions

Providing both commercial and residential construction services, Premier Building Solutions was founded in 2005 and has established a reputation for the quality craftsmanship they would expect in their own homes or facility and lead the company by a value system supportive of serving the needs of the local community, as well as the trades.

Active members in the Mount Horeb community, PBS is working with other community leaders and educators to establish a skills support taskforce through the Skills USA program for youth technical skills development. Through their work with the Community Alliance for Skilled Trades (CAST) PBS helps to build awareness and attract kids to careers in the skilled trades. The company is also a member of the Mount Horeb Chamber of Commerce and leaders are involved in various Mount Horeb Economic Development Corporation (MHEDC) initiatives such as the Workforce Development Committee where they are working to bring technical training opportunities into the community for adult enrichment. Additionally, PBS is a member of ABC of Wisconsin, NARI and the Better Business Bureau.

For more information about Premier Building Solutions contact Angela Leuzinger or Wendy Zahler at 608-437-9595.

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