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Gerber Leisure Products

Mt. Horeb WI -

We love being able to provide other small businesses with a facility that better suits their needs and allows them space to grow. Gerber Leisure Products is a local business that has been serving all of Wisconsin since the 1970's. They offer a full range of commercial park and playground equipment. As their business continued to grow, they quickly realized they would need more space to keep up with the demand.

We are so grateful Hollie and her team chose Premier Building Solutions to build them their new space equipped with all the amenities they need to succeed. This 6,000 sq ft building is bright and colorful to reflect the colors in the playground equipment. The owner will also be installing a slide and live plant wall in the lobby to bring the building to life.

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to all of our trade partners who helped us execute the vision. PBS wishes Hollie and her team all the success and growth in their new building!

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