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Driftless Historium

Mount Horeb, WI -

In 1975, the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society was formed. In 1977, a small Museum was created in the 3rd floor of the Mount Horeb Municipal Building. In 1996, the “Gilbertson Building” a two-story built in the 1890’s, was renovated to its original Victorian appearance for the Museum’s new home. In 2016, Premier Building Solutions, Inc. was privileged to begin work on the remodel of the 4,600 square foot interior to accommodate new interpretive spaces and decorative arts storage for the new “Driftless Historium”. An additional 5,700 square feet was constructed in the form of two new buildings, creating one space that flows together that is connected by an ice cream counter and gift shop. The Historium opened in June of 2017, and was an immediate success. It is now part of southwestern Wisconsin's well-known heritage tourism.

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